We are a modern Dental Practice in the Southwest of the island,
and through high quality workmanship, we try to provide you with the best possible experience we can.

Dr. Joachim Schmittner

This practice was set up in 2000, and is increasingly contacted by European residents, who want to make the most of their dental treatment in a southern holiday atmosphere.
Our clientele generally consists of 50% Spaniards and 50% Germans, most of which are local residents.
This recognition and acceptance from our hosts (Spaniards) and our growing reputation (word of mouth) among German residents is invaluable,
as competition is tough [………..]


Personally, I successfully ran a Practice in Germany for 20 years, and I have practiced here on the island since 1999.
This extensive experience together with job satisfaction, an inquisitive eye, and constant updating through further dental education, and the motto: Live & let Live, i.e. financially keeping my feet on the ground, possibly determine the success of my practice.

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