Since the 1/1/04 German citizens with health insurance are legally entitled to undergo medical and dental treatment in other EU countries, and be reimbursed with the costs paid in Germany (the patient pays locally, sends the invoice and specified deductions to his/her Health Insurance Company and is reimbursed his proportion of the cost).
Your decision to have e.g. your dentures done in Mallorca is therefore possible without any administration costs or input.
The following procedure is required:
You obtain an estimate for the proposed treatment in Germany, from your own or another dentist, and fax it to me without contacting your health insurance company, together with the usual forms for any additional costs. This will enable me to promptly send you a full estimate (by fax, mail or telephone), including the time required for the treatment.
Our service includes an insurance specific invoice and any support required in the case of emergency, with regard to your health insurance company.
Further, provided we are given reasonable notice, we may be able to organise a good value, well run Hotel or Apartment, for your stay.

Dr. Joachim Schmittner